This demo introduces basic functionalities of JExternal.
In this demo, you can connect to Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL Server 2000, DB2, FrontBase, OpenBase, MySQL and PostgreSQL. This demo has 50 project methods to use JDBC in 4D.
This is a FTP client. The Java FTP client library written by Bruce P. Blackshaw is used in this demo.
This demo connects to the Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation and displays stock market data.
This is a demo to transfer files between 4Ds in a network.
In this demo, Java servlet, applet and application connect to 4D and call its project methods. Jetty is used as a HTTP server and servlet container.
In this demo, 4D is used as a database to store Java objects. Sound objects created by a Java application "Groove" are stored in 4D. And they are retrieved form 4D to play the sound.