JExternal Source Code
Dec. 31, 2011

What is JExtenal Source Code
JExtenal Source Code is the source code of 4D plug-in JExternal_6000 and JWorld_6000 written in C and Java for both platforms, Mac OS and Windows. It is the same as the source code of 4D plug-in JExternal_600 and JWorld_600 released on Mar. 1, 2010, excluding the code to handle the license key code.

Once you've obtained this source code, you can distribute these plug-ins royalty-free with your 4D applications and the reliability of your products will be improved.

To understand this source code, knowledge of 4D, 4D plug-in API, C, Java, and JNI (Java Native Interface) is needed. In addition, you must be familiar with Xcode and Visual C++.

Ronri Kobo grants the licensees a nonexclusive right to:
(1) copy the source code;
(2) modify the source code;
(3) create derivative works;
(4) distribute the derivative works.

Note1: The licensees are permitted to distribute their derivative works royalty-free, for a fee or free of charge. However the licensees are not permitted to distribute the source code of their derivative works in any case. The licensees have to distribute their derivative works in object code format.

No right is granted to the licensees to:
(1) permit any third party to view or use the source code;
(2) sell, distribute, publish or transfer the source code.
And the licensees must not employ the source code to create competing products of Ronri Kobo.

Note2: The licensees are permitted to distribute/sell their 4D applications or 4D structure files with JExternal_6000 and JWorld_6000, or the derivative 4D plug-ins developed by the licensees. However the licensees must not distribute/sell JExternal_6000 and JWorld_6000, or their derivative 4D plug-ins separately from their 4D applications or 4D structure files.

Please read JExternal Source Code License Agreement for more information.
The terms of this agreement do not entitle the licensees to receive any support or maintenance services from Ronri Kobo. However try to contact us if you have questions about the source code.

Development Environment
To build 4D plug-in JExternal_6000 and JWorld_6000, Xcode 2.5 or later and Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition or the compatible IDE are required. Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition is downloadable at the following web page:

JExtenal Source Code consists of seven projects of Xcode or Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition. These projects create following files from the source code:


Copyright (c) Ronri Kobo, Inc. All rights reserved.